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  • What is Grundei Coaching's approach to presentation training?
    At Grundei Coaching, we believe in providing dynamic and engaging presentation training that combines performance-based techniques with practical communication skills, ensuring participants stand out and effectively connect with their audience.
  • Are the programs suitable for all experience levels, from beginners to seasoned presenters?
    Yes, our programs cater to individuals and teams at all experience levels, from beginners looking to build a solid foundation to seasoned presenters seeking to refine and enhance their skills.
  • Can I combine different programs or workshops for a comprehensive training experience?
    Absolutely! We encourage participants to explore and combine different programs or workshops to create a comprehensive training experience tailored to their specific needs.
  • Are there any testimonials or success stories from past participants?
    Yes, we take pride in the success stories of our past participants. You can find testimonials from satisfied clients on our website, and we're happy to share more upon request.
  • How does your process work?
    Meridith equips her students with the same skills used by professional actors and comedians to bring your presentations, trainings and meetings to life. We start by getting to the root of who you are, identifying your core values to craft engaging presentations and stories that serve your rich, authentic self. You’ll stroll away with tools designed to connect, engage, and build trust with your team, your customers, and your organization.​
  • Does Grundei Coaching offer any certification or recognition for completing the programs?
    Currently, we do not offer formal certification; however, participants receive valuable skills and knowledge that can be applied in their professional lives.
  • What are the available payment options for the programs?
    We accept all forms of payment, including credit cards, bank transfers, and other convenient payment methods. Please contact us to discuss your preferred payment option.
  • Can I request a demo or preview of the training content before enrolling?
    Yes, we understand the importance of making informed decisions. You can request a demo or preview of the training content by reaching out to us.
  • Are there any discounts for group bookings or referrals?
    While we do not have a formal discount structure, we are always open to discussing opportunities for group bookings or referrals. Let's explore how we can collaborate.
  • How do I contact Grundei Coaching for further inquiries or to get started?
    For any further inquiries or to get started with our programs, please contact Catherine Doliente-Ramos. She will provide you with the information you need and guide you through the process.
  • Is there a cancellation or refund policy for the programs?
    Yes, you can access our cancellation and refund policy HERE.
  • What is Yoodli?
    Yoodli is a tool that helps you improve your communication skills. Yoodli uses AI powered technology to provide you with real-time and personalized feedback on your filler words, eye contact, pacing, and much else.
  • Let's Get Technical: 60-Minute Online Workshop
    What does the "Let's Get Technical" workshop entail? A: The "Let's Get Technical" workshop is a 60-minute online session designed to equip your team with essential presentation skills and a consistent structure to deliver effective presentations to customers, reducing confusion and enhancing overall performance. How can this workshop benefit my team? A: This workshop will benefit your team by boosting their confidence and effectiveness in presenting, providing valuable tools to deliver impactful and well-structured messages. What are the key skills my team will learn in this 60-minute workshop? A: Your team will learn how to properly prepare and practice a presentation, ensuring they can deliver their messages with clarity and impact. How many participants can join the online workshop? A: The workshop can accommodate as few as 5 participants and can be extended to a webinar format to accommodate larger groups. What is the cost of the workshop, and what does it include? A: The workshop is priced at $2500 for up to 100 participants. For every additional 100 participants, there is an extra fee of $500. Recording the training for sharing within the organization can be discussed separately. Can we customize the workshop to focus on specific areas of improvement? A: Yes, the workshop can be customized to address specific areas of improvement. Please contact Catherine Doliente-Ramos to discuss your requirements. How can I schedule the workshop for my team? A: To schedule the workshop for your team, please reach out to Catherine Doliente-Ramos to arrange a suitable time. What tech requirements are necessary for participating in the online workshop? A: Unless otherwise specified, all workshops will be held via Zoom. Specific tech requirements can be discussed based on your team's needs. Will our team receive any materials or resources after the workshop? A: Yes, your team will receive relevant materials and resources to reinforce the learning from the workshop. Is there any follow-up support or additional training available? A: We highly recommend booking an in-person, half-day workshop for additional training and practice to further improve your team's presentation skills.
  • Own The Stage: Half-Day In-person Workshop
    What sets the "Own The Stage" workshop apart from other presentation training programs? A: The "Own The Stage" workshop stands out as its facilitators are trained performers, improvisers, and communication experts with over 30 years of experience working with teams and organization. They bring passion, fun, and expertise to keep your audience engaged. Who is this workshop designed for? A: The workshop is designed for executives, leaders, and their teams. How many participants can attend the in-person workshop? A: The in-person workshop can accommodate up to 10 participants per session. For larger groups, additional workshops can be arranged, ensuring more personalized attention with one facilitator per every 10 participants. What is the pricing for the half-day workshop? A: The cost of the half-day workshop is $6500 per session. Is there a full-day version of the workshop, and how can we get customized pricing? A: Yes, a full-day workshop is available, and you can get customized pricing by contacting Catherine Doliente-Ramos via email. Can we request the workshop to be conducted virtually instead of in-person? A: Yes, the workshop can be conducted virtually upon request. How do we book a workshop for our team? A: Please contact Catherine Doliente-Ramos to schedule and book a workshop for your team. Are there any prerequisites or requirements for attending the "Own The Stage" workshop? A: The only requirement is to come with a beginner's mind, ready to learn and improve your presentation skills. Can you come to our location for a team workshop? A: Yes, we can arrange to conduct team workshops at your location or preferred venue. Please contact Catherine Doliente-Ramos to discuss the details and make necessary arrangements. Does your workshop fee include lodging and travel expenses? A: No, the workshop fee does not include lodging and travel expenses for in-person workshops. These expenses are separate and can be arranged through Grundei Coaching or your organization, depending on the agreed-upon terms and arrangements. Please discuss your preferences with Catherine Doliente-Ramos when scheduling the workshop.
  • One-on-One Coaching for In-person Programs
    Who is eligible for the one-on-one coaching sessions? A: Eligibility for one-on-one coaching is open to anyone who has completed the half-day or full-day in-person workshop. How are the coaching sessions conducted (in-person or online)? A: The coaching sessions are conducted in-person. What areas can be addressed during the individual coaching sessions? A: The coaching can cover various areas, including preparing for an upcoming presentation, content structure, engagement techniques, visual aids, and building confidence. How do I book one-on-one coaching for myself or a team member? A: To book one-on-one coaching, please contact Catherine Doliente-Ramos for personalized guidance. Is the coaching customized based on individual needs? A: Yes, the coaching is tailored to address specific individual needs. Can the coaching sessions be tailored for specific industries or roles? A: Yes, the coaching can be customized for specific industries or roles. What is the pricing structure for the one-on-one coaching? A: The pricing for one-on-one coaching will depend on the duration, number of sessions, and specific requirements. Please inquire with Catherine Doliente-Ramos for a personalized quote. How long are the coaching sessions, and how many sessions are recommended? A: The duration of coaching sessions can vary based on individual needs, and the number of sessions will be determined based on the goals and objectives set. Can the coaching cover multiple areas of improvement in one session? A: Yes, the coaching can address multiple areas of improvement in a single session. Is there any post-coaching support available? A: Yes, post-coaching support is available to help reinforce the skills learned during the sessions.
  • What does the coaching package include, and how long does it last?
    Individualized 1:1 Online Coaching Sessions The Own Your Story:3-month Program includes 8, one-on-one online sessions and is designed to be completed within 90 days of the agreed-upon start date.
  • Can I extend or customize the coaching program based on my needs?
    Yes, the coaching program can be extended or customized based on individual needs.
  • How many sessions are included in the coaching program, and how often will they take place?
    The coaching program includes 8, 60-minute sessions to be scheduled according to your convenience, within 90 days of the agreed-upon start date.
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