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Empowering Speakers, Transforming Presentations.

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We empower your voice.

At Grundei Coaching, we believe that every individual has a unique voice that deserves to be heard. Our mission is to empower you to speak with confidence, clarity, and impact.


Through personalized coaching and innovative techniques, we'll help you unlock your full potential and captivate any audience.


Meridith Grundei will take you and your team’s presentation abilities and credibility to the next level. She has led workshops and delivered talks globally for some prominent industry and educational institutions.


Drawing on her fun and unique background as an award-winning theatre director, producer, and former teacher of The Second City, Meridith has honed a unique approach to storytelling and communication. This expertise has been a cornerstone of her career, which spans more than a decade, empowering thousands of professionals globally to enhance their presentation skills and communication skills, whether on stage, in the boardroom, or on camera.

Meridith Grundei

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Alyssa Gioscia.PNG

Alyssa Gioscia is a highly sought-after Executive Coach specializing in working with high-performing executives and athletes. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by individuals in these demanding fields, Alyssa has dedicated her career to helping them unlock their full potential and achieve extraordinary results.

Alyssa is known for her ability to inspire and challenge her clients, pushing them to reach new heights while providing the guidance and support needed to navigate complex professional landscapes. Her dedication, empathy, and unwavering commitment to her clients' success have earned her a reputation as an exceptional coach in the industry.

Alyssa Gioscia

Executive Coach
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Catherine Doliente-Ramos.JPG

Catherine Doliente-Ramos is your virtual ally towards growth and success! With a unique blend of skills, she is driven by her purpose of providing excellent and high-quality services to clients, making her happiest when she delivers the best desired results.

Catherine is focused on supporting the success of Grundei Coaching and our clients by providing exceptional support services. Whether it's assisting with administrative tasks, creating visually appealing presentations, or supporting materials, she is dedicated to enhancing the overall client experience and helping them achieve their goals.

Catherine Ramos

Remote Superstar
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We work with the best partners

Discover our network of top-tier collaborators dedicated to elevating presentation standards and speaker excellence.

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Beauty Branding
All Hands In

Visionary Leaders Behind Our Partnerships

Meet the innovative CEOs driving our collaborative efforts towards presentation excellence and speaker empowerment

Transforming scientists and medical professionals from experts into educator.

About Hillside Communications

Hillside Communications is an education company that provides training to develop scientific experts into educators.

With a deep understanding of the unique communication challenges in the hi-tech, bioscience, and healthcare industries, Hillside has the skills and strategies that make complex data captivating and memorable for audiences who need to understand and use this information.

Hillside turns “presenting experts” into outstanding “expert presenters”.


Senior Partner, Hillside Communications

Chris Hill is president and co-founder at Hillside Communications, based in Denver, Colorado. For over twenty-five years, Chris and his team have supported over thirty thousand of the most accomplished scientific experts in the US and worldwide to deliver outstanding presentations.

With over seventeen years of science-teaching experience in the UK, Bermuda, and the US and a doctorate in educational psychology, Chris is well-qualified to recognize influential speakers and educators and share their best practices.


When he is not traveling the world giving keynote presentations and workshops, Chris is knee-deep in the trout streams near his home in Durango, Colorado.

We value your growth.

Our team is a blend of creativity, expertise, and passion. Each member is committed to supporting you on your journey to becoming a confident and compelling speaker.

We believe in a personalized approach.

We understand that every individual is unique, and we tailor our coaching to suit your specific needs and goals.

We are committed to your success. 

We don't just teach or coach; we inspire, guide, and empower you to reach your full potential in your speaking journey.

Start your speaking journey with us

We are passionate about empowering speakers and transforming presentations into captivating experiences.

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