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Everything shifted when I discovered the transformative world of theatre and improv

Get to know Meridith

Meridith 2024
Imagine honing your influence and persuasiveness as a speaker in an increasingly digital world.

Take a trip down memory lane with me. Back in the sixth grade, amidst teenage angst, braces and a fan crush on Madonna, I found myself gripped by the desire to be as cool and self-assured as my classmates. The allure of fitting in, whether it was donning Guess Jeans or Outback Red sweatshirts, was enticing, but there was one thing I coveted most - the effortless confidence of Marsha Johnson, who sat boldly in the front row.

Like many of you, I felt more comfortable being a silent observer from the back row. I was a quiet participant, terrified of voicing my thoughts for fear of sounding uninformed or appearing foolish. The dread of being randomly called upon to respond was all too real - a fear that encapsulated my classroom experience and extended into my personal life.

But everything shifted when I discovered the transformative world of theatre and improv. This space allowed me to liberate my voice, to stumble, to learn, and to revel in my beautifully flawed self. Today, I leverage this experience and the tools I've acquired to help my clients unlock their potential and exude confidence in their professional lives.

Connect with me and I guarantee that you and your team will transform into compelling and credible speakers. You'll inspire, educate and leave a lasting impact on your customers and colleagues alike.

Drawing on my diverse experiences as an award-winning theatre director, producer, and former Second City improv teacher, I understood the striking parallels between nightly stage performances and daily client presentations. But, there was a missing piece - many professionals lacked the tools to truly bring their narratives to life. Determined to fill this gap, I stepped up to the plate.

More than a decade on, Grundei Coaching has empowered thousands of individuals and organizations globally to reach new heights of career growth and success. Isn't it time you joined this transformative journey?

Some of my satisfied clients include industry leaders like Merck, Amazon AWS, MERCER, CenturyLink, CU LEEDS School of Business, Google, CEAVCO, RAPT Media, Matson, Brembo, Rally Software, and many more. 


Let's take this journey together - to a future where you communicate with unrivaled confidence and credibility!

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Speaking with Spark:

My Signature Subjects -Why Human Connection Matters:
Because every product or service, no matter how technical, ends with a person.

Igniting Confidence: Simple Solutions for Powerful Presentations - Talking points:

Speak with spark: Humanizing tech talks

Overcoming Stage Fright: Shining in the Spotlight with Confidence

Serious Fun: Building Communication and Trust Through Applied Improv

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Women’s Day 2023

Panasonic (RISE) | 8th MAR 2023

Meridith for Panasonic
AWS SpeakerCon 2023 logo

SpeakerCon 2023

Amazon - AWS | 19th JUL 2023

SpeakerCon Logo

MSD Global
Speaker Trainings

MSD logo
• Vienna, Austria
• Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Past Speaking Engagements:

Community Workshop
Virtual: Elevating Your Presentation Style
In-person: An Intera
ctive Workshop

Zoom & 25 W 39th St 11 Floor, NY


Her Workplace | 23rd OCT & 2nd NOV

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Amazon New Voices
Virtual Training Workshops

Virtual (Zoom)

amazon aws

Amazon - AWS | 27th FEB to 27th MAR 2024

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Finding Your Voice: Navigating Anxiety and Embracing
Neurodiversity in Public Speaking

clario logo

Clario | 16th NOV 2023

The Good Feet Store

Leadership Summit
The Good Feet Store
Charlottesville, VA 

The Good Feet Store

The Good Feet Store | 11th JUL 2024

AWS re_Invent 2023_edited.jpg

Amazon Web Services
re:Invent 2023
In-person Co
Las Vegas, NV

AWS re_Invent 2023_edited image
channel wotc

Improv for Speakers, Confidently Speaking
The WOTC Leadership Summit East

Hilton Midtown, NYC

channel wotc

The Channel Company | 10th DEC 2024

Upcoming talks:

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public speaking tips

TikTok followers 103.6K and growing
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Meridith’s charisma kept the attendees engaged and addressed many areas of growth that employees want to develop.

She (Meridith) provided helpful tips and resources for continuously improvement and increasing their confidence.

Rina Desai and Charlene Ragin

Co-Chairs of RISE, a Panasonic North America Women’s Business Impact Group (BIG)

Panasonic Canada Inc.

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Meridith's talent is a rare combination of compassionate, insightful facilitation that empowers her groups to achieve the highest levels of success.

Meridith is a powerful speaker who energizes audiences with her playful, insightful, and applicable programs.

Izzy Gesell

CEO, Izzy G & Company

Izzy G & Company

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Meridith is a speaker, not to be missed.

She is powerful, articulate, and entertaining in her delivery. Her messaging is both clear and captivating, using superior storytelling to anchor her messaging. Her voice is mesmerizing and I highly recommend her for speaking engagements, keynote addresses, and more!

Nicole North

Leadership Facilitator & Coach

Whiteboard Consulting

Discover how I can elevate your event and leave a lasting impact.

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