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Dive into a treasure trove of media delights, showcasing Meridith's captivating presence across various platforms.

At The Whiteboard hosted by Nicole North of Whiteboard Consulting

Carve Your Own F*cking Path hosted by Willow McDonough

Your Own Best Company hosted by Franklin Taggart

The Innovative Mindset hosted by Izolda Trakhtenberg

Eager To Know hosted by Ricky McEachern

Uncover the Human with co-hosts Cristina Amigoni and Alex Cullimore

Truth Tastes Funny with Hersh Rephun

Floyd's Nation with Patrick Butler and Kelly Woolen

Ask Deb with Deb Dietz

The Idea Climbing® Podcast with Mark J. Carter

She Burns Podcast with host Hannah Austin

Networking Rx with Frank Agin

Let's Manifest! Podcast hosted by Joanne Morton

Healthcare Hour with Colleen Qvist

The Golden Mic Podcast with Marc Cordon

Gratitude Geek Podcast with Kandas Rodarte

Ongoing Mastery: Presenting & Speaking with Kirsten Rourke

Money Tales Podcast with Co-hosts Sandi Bragar and Cammie Doder

The Free Lawyer Podcast with Gary Miles

The Pond Digger Podcast with Eric Triplett

I Need To F***ing Talk To You with Ken Cameron and Russell Stratton

Knack 4 Business Podcast with Bernie Franzgrote

Your Cyber Path Podcast with co-hosts Kip Boyle and Jason Dion

The Company Show with Megan Dougherty

Featured Publications

Check out the articles, and publications that Meridith Grundei has been featured in.

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Top Public Speaking Coach to follow in 2022

Featured as one of the
Top Public Speaking Coaches
to follow in 2022 by Yahoo Business!

“A top public speaking coach can help entrepreneurs and business leaders develop their voice and gain confidence, allowing them to be more persuasive and dynamic when speaking one-on-one, to a full stadium of people or at any event in between.”

-CEO Claudine Arthurs
Business Insider_How to Start a Work Presentation, Be Engaging_ Public Speaking Expert by Meridith Grundei

Featured article for Business Insider:
Don't start your work presentations by simply saying 'hello.'
Here's how to be more engaging in the conference room.

I'm sure you've sat through plenty of presentations where the presenter starts with a polite salutation like, "Hello, thank you for having me here today," or, "I am so glad to be here" — often followed by their name and professional résumé. Sometimes, if it's an internal meeting, you get the same salutations followed by an agenda slide with bullet points and the presenter narrating it.


SPEAK Producer

SPEAK is a platform for people with ideas and stories who choose to stand up and SPEAK.

Meridith in
Films & Commercials

Not Just the Facts - Donuts
The Call (a short film)
PENTAX Optio W90
Dwight Goodman, Personal Assistant: BKLUP
Colorado Proud
EuroPro Shark Pursuit

Meridith as a performer.

Nothing Further

a one-woman performance exhibit that explores the secrecy and love intertwined in familial relationships.

Media Page.png

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