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Crafted for visionaries and innovators: empowering leaders, creative minds, and their teams

aiming for unparalleled communication excellence

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The Confidently Speaking Program

A 12 month program that transforms your nerves into confidence, so that you can communicate with clarity and impact.

(No matter the setting or audience.)
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Explore programs for Individual

Take your presentations and keynotes to new heights with one of our comprehensive one-on-one coaching programs. With our online and in-person format, you'll receive personalized guidance and support as you navigate the process of preparing, practicing, and delivering a compelling presentations. 

Individualized 1:1 coaching sessions:

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What you’ll learn over the course of your coaching:
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Crafting a Compelling Narrative

Learn to develop a powerful and captivating narrative that resonates with your audience, making your message memorable and impactful.

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Polishing Your Delivery Skills

Enhance your delivery style, body language, and vocal tone to exude confidence and connect with your audience effectively.

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Proficiency in Visual Aids and Slide Design

Discover techniques to create visually engaging slides and effectively use multimedia to reinforce your key points.

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Handling Nerves and Building Confidence

Develop strategies to manage stage fright and boost your confidence, allowing you to command the stage with ease.

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Engaging and Interacting with Your Audience

Learn to read your audience's reactions and adapt your presentation on the fly to keep them engaged and interested.

At the end of this program, you will know how to command the stage and engage with your audience from the moment you start your presentation. You will have all the tools you need to deliver powerful and inspiring talks that will set you apart in your industry and allow you to guide your business to exponential growth.

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Meridith's program has changed what I say and how I say it.

Usually, when I did a presentation, two or three people would want to talk to me. After three weeks of our training, at my first presentation, 25% of the audience wanted to speak to me.

—Sajad H.

CEO, Cause & Effect Consulting

Cause & Effect Consulting

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Explore programs for Teams

Let's Get Technical:

60-Minute Online Workshop
(MAX 10 participants per workshop) 

This online workshop is the ideal kickstart for teams who are ready to become more confident and effective presenters.

In just 60 minutes, your team will:

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Enhance Planning and Structure

Learn strategies to organize your content effectively, create a logical flow, and ensure that your message is well-structured and easy to follow.

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Be proficient at Presenting Visuals

Learn how to effectively present visuals and identify impactful visuals that support your message, enhancing audience engagement and comprehension.

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Save Time and Resources

Acquire valuable presentation skills within just 60 minutes, providing a time-efficient solution for improving your team's abilities without the need for lengthy training sessions.

Own The Stage:

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In-person Workshop
(Max 10 participants
per workshop)

Half day and FULL DAY

Navigate your industry with enhanced clarity and confidence. This workshop empowers leaders, developers, architects, and their teams to elevate their presentation skills. Sharpen your voice, command the stage, and effectively communicate intricate ideas, whether you're detailing software nuances or sharing a vision. Tailored for visionaries and innovators aiming for standout communication.

Maximize your impact with our transformative half-day workshop. Here's how you'll benefit:

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Navigate Complex Ideas
with Ease

Grasp and convey intricate concepts effortlessly, perfect for detailing software and architectural nuances.

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 Commanding Presence

Own every room, virtual or physical, ensuring your voice and message are both resonant and memorable.

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Visual Mastery

Elevate your use of visuals to enhance understanding and retain audience engagement.

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Speak with Unwavering Confidence

Master techniques for assured and dynamic delivery, even under pressure.

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Optimal Utilization of Space

Be it virtual platforms or physical stages, learn to use space effectively, ensuring you're always seen and heard.

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Refined Practice Techniques

Equip yourself with tools and strategies to practice and refine, ensuring each presentation leaves a lasting impression.

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​Meridith has an amazing way of connecting with our speakers.

She is instantly able to earn their trust and in a matter of a few short minutes can really elevate their performances. She not only helps them with audience engagement, but she quickly learned the technology we cover at the conference.

If you are looking for someone to lift your technical presenters (or any speakers) to the next level, I would absolutely recommend Meridith.

—Blaine S.

Senior Global Public Speaking Coach

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Be a more Confident Speaker with group coaching

Join The Confidently Speaking Program

A 12 month program that transforms your nerves into confidence, so that you can communicate with clarity and impact.

Hosted on Mighty Networks. Join this community of professionals who are also dedicated to their development while having fun!

Work on your public speaking and presentation skills every Wednesday at 4pm to 5pm eastern time on Zoom.

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Meridith's coaching techniques have helped me grow tremendously as a speaker, and as a person

I joined Meridith Grundei's Confidently Speaking group to practice my speaking skills... She helped me dig deep to find my story, and is passionate, knowledgeable, compassionate, has a way to pull the best out of her students, and me.

—Tina L.

Co-Founder and Owner, The Folson Group

The Folson Group

Take the leap and transform your presentation skills with Grundei Coaching

Let us help you own the stage and become a compelling and credible speaker.

to get started on your journey to presentation excellence.

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