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Transform your presentation at your own pace

Meridith is a shining star
in a world full of coaches.

She gave me incredible guidance on my speech as well as solid advice on handling nerves, incorporating movement, and even how to network after a talk. I never felt judged or talked down to during our sessions. It was more of an educational collaboration of ideas, truly amazing and unlike any other coaching I’ve used!


—Gene P.

Owner of Survival Response LLC

Craft and deliver presentations that captivate and inspire!

Imagine stepping onto the stage or into the meeting room with unwavering confidence, knowing that your presentation will captivate and inspire your audience. Envision effortlessly crafting your message, knowing that every word will resonate deeply with your listeners. Picture yourself building strong, lasting relationships with your audience, leaving them eager to hear more from you. This is the vision Own Your Presentation can help you achieve. Our self-guided course is designed to empower you to become a confident, credible speaker who can inspire and educate any audience. Say goodbye to presentation anxiety and hello to a future where your voice is heard and your message is remembered.

From 'OK' to Awesome!

How I Honed My Presentation Skills and What It Means for You
Let me take you on a journey from overcoming presentation anxiety to confident delivery. I know firsthand the struggle of feeling unprepared and overwhelmed before a presentation. Through dedication and practice, I've developed a solution that transforms presentation nerves into engaging, impactful speeches. Own Your Presentation will not only equip you with the tools and skills to excel in your presentations but also leave you feeling empowered and in control.
Together, we'll turn your presentations from a source of stress to a source of pride.

Introducing: Own Your Presentation

Own Your Presentation is a self-guided, on demand course so you can be a more confident and credible speaker who will inspire and educate any room!

You're here because you truly believe in your professional growth. You believe that in order to become better at your job and grow in your company, you need to be a more solid public speaker.


So, I'm going to lead you you through a series of milestones to help you do exactly that.

Here is how you will do it:


Introduction to Craft Your Talk

A brief overview of the program. You will watch a 1-minute video to learn more and discover how  Own Your Presentation can elevate your speaking skills and transform your presentation.


Session 2 (Step 2): Craft Your Outline

You will create an introduction for your talk, workshop your stories for impactful delivery, identify the best stories for your audience and objectives, receive handouts for story development and core values exploration, and get a list of audience-engaging hooks.


Session 4 (Step 4): Putting it all together

You will put together all the elements you've prepared, including your introduction, key takeaways, conclusion, call to action, and visuals. It's about ensuring that each part flows seamlessly into the next, reinforcing your message and engaging your audience effectively. 


Session 6 (Step 6): The Dress Rehearsal

You will practice your talk in the actual presentation setting using Yoodli App for recording and transcribing. You will feel fully prepared to command the stage.


Complete a series of exercises

  • Exercise: Your Mindset

  • Exercise: Managing Nerves and Anxiety

  • Exercise: Vocal and Physical Confidence


Session 1 (Step 1): Find Your Focus

This is where you will assess your starting point, whether you got nothing, an idea, or an existing talk. You will also set objectives and desired audience actions and receive handouts for establishing your talk and who is it for.


Session 3 (Step 3): Your Visuals

You will F.O.C.U.S. on your Visuals, making sure that you are choosing visuals that best support your message and key takeaways. The key is to think outside of the box, be clear and have fun!


Session 5 (Step 5): Embracing Imperfect Practice

You will practice your talk and get valuable feedback and suggestions for effective practice. This is where you will develop the skeleton of your talk.


Session 7 (Step 7): Showtime

An hour with Meridith or a Grundei vetted speaking coach to present your talk and receive valuable feedback to take your presentation to the next level.

Here is what you can expect:

Self-guided milestones

You will gain access to a self-guided modules (referred to as milestones).

Working at your own pace

We take your own individual learning pace into consideration, and making it work for you.

Digital handouts and resources

Access to digital handouts and curated resources that will help you achieve your public speaking goal.

Exercises and challenges

To help you develop your public speaking and presentation skills. 

Virtual 60-minute, one-on-one

with Meridith or a Grundei vetted speaking coach. Receive feedback through online coaching to further improv your pitch and presentation.

Your practice time!

You will have the opportunity to practice your presentation, pitch, facilitation or an idea that you would like to work through.

You're a part of something bigger

You will be a member of Grundei Coaching network, our overarching community.

By the end of this course, you are guaranteed to deliver your next presentation or talk with confidence!

Yes, Meridith! I’m ready to elevate my skills and transform my presentation with Own Your Presentation!

What our clients say

First-class presentation coach!

Meridith is very knowledgeable and gets you out of your comfort zone. She takes away your crutch and pushes you to use other means to be more effective - which is getting your message across as clear and as succinct as possible.

ethan ngo.jpg
—Ethan N.
 Chief Technical Resources Officer
BKV Corporation

Meridith has a keen eye in what content truly should be in the presentation and how you present that content.

She knocked the rust off on how I was presenting, and her guidance assisted me in connecting better with my audience, helping me bring new life into my presentations.

Micael Malcy.jpg
—Michael M.
Strategic Advisor

Meridith provided a structure for accomplishing what I needed— a brand new hour-long speech.

I had a great time giving my speech because preparation provides confidence, and it was very well-received.

Dena Lefkowitz.jpg
—Dena L.
Lawyer and Business Coach
Achievement By Design, LLC

Unlock the full potential of your presentations!

Transform your presentations from 'ok' to 'awesome!' Master the art of engaging your audience, crafting compelling stories, and delivering with confidence. Don't settle for average presentations—unlock their full potential today!

🎤 Enroll today for lifetime access to the course and resources for only $299!

Own Your Presentation “Test and Apply” Guarantee

Microphone Stool

Own Your Presentation milestones and techniques have been refined over the last 10+ years of my work with students and professionals. These method work and they’ll help you elevate your speaking skills and take your presentations to the next level, no matter where you are as a speaker now.

I guarantee that you will deliver your next presentation or talk with confidence. You will gain access to self-guided milestones, work at your own pace, receive digital handouts and resources, complete exercises and challenges, have a virtual 60-minute 1:1 with a coach for feedback, and practice your presentation, pitch, or talk.

This program is designed for action-oriented individuals dedicated to putting their skills into practice. My aim is to ensure this isn't just another set of knowledge that goes unused. Own Your Presentation is primed and ready to be enjoyed all year long. Once you sign up, you will have lifetime access to the resources.

My goal for you is to elevate your speaking skills, craft and deliver your presentation, and command any room with confidence and impact!


Got More Questions? I’ve Got Answers!

Elevate your presentation, deliver with impact!

Gain the skills and confidence to captivate any audience.

🎤 Say Yes, Enroll Today! Gain Access for only $299!

What our clients say

Meridith is a gifted presentation and public speaking coach.

She helped me prepare for public speaking events that I lead, and I found her tips and strategies to be enormously helpful. 

Chris R. - Google Client
—Chris R.
Senior Software Engineer
Google Research

Meridith has a structured curriculum and a wealth of personal experience.

She provided real-world scenarios, practice exercises, and feedback. I learned so much during the few months I worked 1:1 with her

Tea Romero.jpg
—Téa R.
Director, Alliance Management

Meridith has a confident, casual, light and joyful style.

She has a wealth of experience and so the wisdom, tips and techniques flow easily and are tailored to your specific needs. 

Jenny L..jpg
—Jenny L.
 Speaker and Coach
Jenny Lincoln InC
Mer for SPEAK.jpg

Own Your Presentation

isn't ideal for someone who:

Isn't committed to practicing and improving their speaking skills

Isn't open to exploring new ideas

Doesn't value the benefits of personalized feedback and coaching

This program is best suited for someone who:

Is dedicated to honing their public speaking and presentation skills

Is open-minded and eager to learn new techniques and strategies

Seeks to grow both personally and professionally

Take the first step towards mastering your presentations 

Be a more confident and credible speaker who inspires and educate any audience!

Website Images.png

Regardless of whether or not you decide to join Own Your Presentation, I encourage you to begin setting aside time to invest in your speaking and presentation skills now.


Take it from me, I understand the struggle of feeling unprepared and overwhelmed before a presentation/talk. Through my experience and dedication, I've developed a curriculum that will help you craft and deliver speeches with impact.


Some of you already know this is EXACTLY what you've been looking for to transform your presentations, and deliver your talk with impact.

Don’t wait until your next big presentation... invest in yourself NOW to craft presentations that educate and inspire!


You know what's even more rewarding than mastering the art of public speaking? Transforming your presentations into powerful, engaging experiences that captivate your audience.

Your speaking coach,


PS.  Are you ready to learn the step-by-step process to Own Your Presentation?

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