Grow your confidence, credibility and career through the power of public speaking and storytelling.


how i work

I work with leaders who want to grow their confidence, credibility and career and who understand that public speaking and storytelling are crucial skills to achieve this growth. 


I take the time to learn who you are and what your core values are so you can create engaging presentations and stories that are in alignment with your most authentic self. During our time together you will be given approachable tools so you can connect, engage and build trust with your team, your clients and with your organization. 

Please reach out for a 15 min. phone or Zoom call so I can learn more about you. 

what I do

I work with emerging leaders who want to clearly convey their message so they can help others, their organization and themselves. 

1:1 and team coaching, online and in person



You will learn how to craft a compelling and inspiring story that is in alignment with your message and with what you value.  



You will be given new tools so you can

consistently give powerful, dynamic and effective presentations online and in person 

that will leave a lasting impression. 



You will learn new tools to help manage fear and anxiety through vocal and physical preparation (breath, eye focus, gesture, physical engagement), so you can effectively connect with any audience both online 

and in person.


about me

Hi, I’m Meridith, and I have been coaching emerging leaders in public speaking since 2009. I am invested in helping you take your career to the next level by helping you become an effective and compelling speaker who can connect with any audience. I started coaching because I saw a need for people who were not in the performing arts to have someone on their team who could help bring their stories to life by using the same tools actors do. I am looking for clients who would like to achieve career growth and success by cultivating a strong connection through the use of story, and not just through information.

My specialties are in presentation and public speaking consultation, individual training and development, and creative team collaboration using improvisational theatre techniques to build trust, collaboration and creative solutions in communication.


My past clients include:

MERCER, CenturyLink, CU LEEDS School of Business, DePuy, Johnson&Jonson, SurveyGizmo,

CEAVCO, RAPT Media, HDM, Paradigm, Network Affiliates and many others.

what people say

Chris R.

Senior Software Engineer, Google

Meridith is a gifted presentation and public speaking coach. She helped me improve my ability to express my ideas and improve influence at work. She also helped me prepare for public speaking events that I lead, and I found her tips and strategies to be enormously helpful. I highly recommend working with Meridith.

Heidi P.


Myself and my team have learned so much from working with her and still talk highly about our classes. She makes learning necessary skills, like communication and public speaking fun!

Dennis S.

CEO , Center for Executive Performance

Meridith Grundei has worked with the Center for Executive Performance for over twelve years. She has helped our clients with their personal presence and how they present on stage and in the media.

I thoroughly believe you will find Meridith a vital resource and after meeting her you will demand she be involved in all future projects.

Marlene N.

Audit Manager at Capital One

Meridith is AWESOME! What I think makes Meridith stand out from other coaches is her guidance on how to add the human element to a presentation - how are you going to engage with the person in the back who has absolutely no idea what you're talking about? I'm very happy that I worked with Meridith and will call her again next time I need her


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