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Who is your community?

Meridith at the Amazon re:invent 2023 in Vegas

Over the past couple of weeks, I had the honor of speaking for an organization, Clario, during their diversity week and for Her Workplace, a co-working space in NYC for women and non-binary people. This week, I have the opportunity to assist engineers and customers in preparing for their talks at the Amazon AWS re:Invent conference in Vegas. These experiences made me reflect on how cool it is that these organizations support their community in developing public speaking confidence and why community is important for us as speakers and communicators. Here are a few reasons why and the benefits:

1. A Built-in Feedback Loop:

A supportive community provides valuable feedback and constructive criticism. This will help you refine your speaking skills and identify areas where you can improve.

2. A Confidence Boost:

Interacting with peers who share your passion for public speaking can boost your confidence. It's like having your personal cheering squad!

3. Diverse Perspectives:

Communities bring together people from different backgrounds and experiences. Engaging with diverse perspectives can enrich your speaking style and make you more relatable to a wider audience.

4. Networking:

Building a community also means building a network. Networking can open up opportunities for speaking engagements, collaborations, and exposure to new ideas.

5. Practice Opportunities:

Within a community, you can find safe and brave spaces to practice your speeches or presentations. This helps you gain experience and refine your delivery.

If you are someone who doesn't have a community where you can bravely develop as a speaker and communicator, please reach out to me because not only do I have a couple of communities that I have started, but I also know other great resources to help you on your speaking journey! ✨

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