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What lights you up?

Cuddling my sweet dog, Millie, and scratching behind her ears

Going on long walks throughout the city with my husband

Seeing stories told uniquely and beautifully on a stage

Receiving unexpected cuddles from my daughter

Finessing the makings of the best margarita

Sharing quality time with friends

Making the perfect nachos

Talking about my business

Coaching a client

Being on stage



These are a few of the things that if you ask me about them, I will light up. I will get excited to tell you about my fave queso recipe and how I will gladly make up an occasion just to make it and invite friends to partake in its addictive yumminess.

If you ask me about my sweet rescue dog, Millie, I will have a smile on my face and slight tinge of sadness in my voice because she is only a few months away from turning 15 and it is only a matter of days or weeks before she is no longer with us.

If you ask me about what I do for a living and how I like being an entrepreneur, I will light up, because I love what I do and find every day a new opportunity to creatively grow and adjust.

How about you?

How about when you give a presentation, do you light up? Do you feel passionate about the opportunity to share your hard work with your audience?

If not, it's time to change that. A presentation is an opportunity to showcase your knowledge, skills, and expertise, to educate and inspire others, to engage with your audience, and to make an impact. Don't just go through the motions, but bring your whole self into it. Let your excitement and passion shine through, just like when you're talking about your favorite things.

One way to do this is by injecting some fun and humor into your presentation, using anecdotes and personal stories to connect with your audience, and showing your authentic self. You can also use visual aids, like images, videos, or props, to make your presentation more engaging and memorable. Don't forget to practice and rehearse beforehand, so you can feel confident and relaxed when it's time to present.

Your next presentation doesn't have to feel like a chore or a total bore. Find ways to uniquely infuse your passion and personality into it, and you might even enjoy it as much as you do cuddling with your dog or making a perfect 🍸 margarita.


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