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The key to not overwhelming your audience...

Your audience might be overwhelmed.

overwhelmed GIIF

You've got great slides and data that should wow anyone, but people just aren't retaining it. Why is this? The answer lies in neuroscience.

Our brains have a limited "working memory," kind of like the RAM in your computer. Overload it, and you'll get a system crash—in this case, people zoning out.

Your audience doesn't know what you know and even if you think they do, making this assumption could leave people out of the conversation.

When you're an expert, it's easy to forget that not everyone understands your jargon or complex graphs. This creates a disconnect between you and your audience.

So how do you simplify?

Less is More

Reducing your key points to simple, digestible bits makes it easier for your audience to remember them. Think of it as creating mental "hooks" that they can easily recall later. These same mental hooks can be repeated throughout your presentation and summarized at the end.


Our brains are wired to remember stories. Wrap your data in a compelling narrative, and your audience will remember this.

Visual Aids

Use visuals that complement, not complicate. A well-placed image can speak volumes and give the brain a "break" to absorb information.

Here are some quick tips you can copy and paste to put somewhere for the next time you have a presentation to prepare:

1. Chunk Information: Break down complex ideas into smaller parts.

2. Use Analogies: Relate new info to something the audience already knows.

3. Repetition: Revisit key points to reinforce them.

So, the next time you're prepping for a presentation, think simplicity. Your audience's brains will thank you!


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