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Sometimes you need to surrender

blooming flower

I was in a conversation with someone this past week who purchased a large plot of land and hadn't really known what to do with it for the past 14 years, until one day he received a phone call that someone wanted to purchase a small portion of it. He embraced the opportunity and also suggested a collaboration of sorts. Before he knew it, a beautiful, bold, and very large piece of art had appeared on the land, destined to draw attention from sightseers far and wide. This artwork will now tell the space what it needs next. And what I loved about what he shared with me is that he is not attached to the outcome, these were not his words, but this is what I heard. Sometimes, we have to wait for the space to speak to us before we know what to do with it. And when this is the case, all we have to do is be present and listen. Beautiful surrender. Trust.


So, the next time you get to deliver a presentation, ask yourself:

​​What is the space telling me?

Am I truly listening?


Like the land that revealed its purpose through patience and serendipity, consider how your message can find its own place within the minds and hearts of your audience. Embrace the possibility that not every detail of your presentation needs to be meticulously planned. Sometimes, the most impactful moments come from being present and responsive to the energy in the room. Let your story unfold naturally, and trust that your audience will see the beauty and authenticity in your message. Just as the land now showcases a magnificent piece of art for all to see, your presentation can create a lasting impression that speaks volumes beyond the words you say. Trust the process, and let your message resonate deeply with those who hear it.

Notice what you notice.

Grundei Coaching is up to some very cool things that we can't wait to share with you. Thank you for being on this journey with us to be more confident and credible speakers who bravely share their truth one story at a time.


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