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So you want to be speaking more?

Have you been finding yourself speaking often and it's got you thinking, "Maybe I might want to do this more"?

If so, here are three things to consider the next time you give a talk so you can market yourself as a speaker:

✔️ Ask for testimonials. They are invaluable when it comes to showcasing your expertise and credibility. Start collecting them from event organizers, attendees, or fellow speakers. These testimonials will come in handy when you begin pitching yourself for more speaking opportunities.

✔️ Capture your performance. In today's digital age, many events are live-streamed or recorded. If so, see if you can obtain a copy of the recording. It can be a fantastic addition to your speaker reel, showcasing your speaking style, delivery, and stage presence. Alternatively, if the event is not being recorded, ask if you can set up your own camera and capture your presentation for future use.

✔️ Snap a selfie with the smiling faces of your audience. This authentic image can be a powerful tool for your social media presence. Share it with your followers and let them see the connection you made with the audience. It's a wonderful way to build your online presence and engage with your audience on a personal level.

​Remember, these three simple actions can have a significant impact on your speaking journey. Testimonials, compelling footage, and an engaging social media presence can elevate your professional profile and attract more speaking opportunities.


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