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One way you can start telling better stories...

An Hourglass

Be present.

Are you truly present in the moments of your life enough to remember the intricate details of the stories you will tell? Memory is a funny thing, and when you're distracted by things like alerts, social media, and the stresses of the day, the details become more difficult to remember. They are like sands in an hourglass that pass by without you noticing them.

This is definitely something I will be more cognizant of for myself. I'm curious, would you be willing to join me in this effort?

The challenge is simple: the next time you're spending time with friends and loved ones—regardless of whether the occasion is joyful or not—make an effort to clear your space of distractions. By doing so, you can fully savor and remember the intricate beauties of each moment, thereby starting to share more fully realized stories. ✨


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