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Is your ignorance an ally?

I have been reading Alan Alda's book, If I understood You, Would I have this Look on My Face​? and so far there are many nuggets of wisdom, but this one really stood out for me:

Ignorance can be your ally, as long as it is backed up with curiosity.

This statement struck a chord for two main reasons. Often, I found myself in rooms full of unfamiliar professions, and rather than embracing my ignorance with curiosity, I'd retreat, fearing judgment. Other times, I'd mistakenly believe I fully understood those around me, opting to showcase my knowledge instead of being present and curious. This approach not only hindered my own learning but also closed off opportunities to discover the unique insights others had to offer. Even as a public speaking coach, I'm reminded that learning from peers remains invaluable.

Color Me Curious GIF

When you allow yourself to be curious, you not only open the doors to new opportunities and knowledge, but you also potentially give the other person the gift of letting their authentic self and awesome wisdom shine through!

So, the next time you are at a networking event, speaking on or moderating a panel, or attending a dinner party, check in with yourself and ask if you are using your ignorance as an ally with a healthy dose of curiosity. ✨


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