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Are you truly bringing the spark?

Modeling the behavior you expect from your team is crucial for any leader. If you want your team to be confident, well-practiced, and clear in their communication, you have to lead the way.

I still notice many people in leadership positions giving dry presentations that lack energy and signs of human life. I understand that we all lead busy lives, but your choice not to invest the time and energy in differentiating yourself and finding your unique voice sets a standard for more of the same.

You can't expect your team to perform exceptionally if you aren't — so, let's leave mediocrity behind and start bringing the SPARK! When you speak with confidence, passion, and clarity, you inspire trust and confidence in your team, and they strive to do the same.

Remember, you're not just leading through decisions and actions; you're also leading with your words and how you present yourself. Be the role model your team needs to excel in their communication skills. Your team and your audiences will both appreciate it.

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So, what can you do about it?

Here is a passion mapping exercise to help you start bringing the spark and setting the stage for better presentations:

1. Reflect on Your Interests: Start by making a list of topics or subjects that genuinely interest and excite you. Think about what you could talk about for hours without getting bored. It could be related to your industry, personal experiences, hobbies, or even social issues.

2. Identify Your Values: Consider your core values and beliefs. What do you deeply care about? What causes or principles align with your values? Passion often stems from speaking about things that matter to you on a fundamental level.

3. Explore Your Unique Perspective: Think about what sets you apart. What unique experiences, expertise, or insights do you bring to the table? Your perspective can be a valuable source of passion in your speaking engagements.

4. Brainstorm Audience Impact: Imagine the positive impact your message could have on your audience. How could your passion and expertise make a difference in their lives or work? Envision the change or inspiration you want to impart.

5. Test the Waters: Start by speaking about your chosen topic in low-pressure settings, such as team meetings, webinars, or local events. Pay attention to how you feel while speaking and the feedback you receive.

6. Seek Feedback: Ask for honest feedback from colleagues, mentors, or trusted individuals who've heard you speak. Their insights can help you refine your message and delivery.

7. Connect with Others: Attend conferences, networking events, or join relevant communities to connect with people who share your interests. Engaging with like-minded individuals can fuel your passion and provide opportunities for speaking engagements.

8. Keep a Journal: Maintain a journal where you write down your thoughts, ideas, and reflections on your speaking journey. This can help you track your progress and evolve your passion over time.

9. Practice and Refine: Continuously practice and refine your speaking skills. The more comfortable and confident you become, the easier it is to express your passion effectively.

10. Stay Open-Minded: Your passion as a speaker may evolve as you gain experience and insights. Stay open to new ideas and opportunities that may lead you down unexpected but fulfilling paths.

Have fun! ✨


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