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a workshop for your team!

We will transform your presentations in less than a day!


You will be up on your feet with your team doing the work, energizing each other and lighting up the room!

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Your Organization

You and your team have high stakes presentations to give and not everyone is feeling as confident as they need to be...

I will help you craft and deliver that experience from start to finish!

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  • We start with an in-depth communication assessment for you and your team

  • The assessment will tell us specifically which skills and processes are most necessary for your communication success

  • We will customize and curate your content ensuring its highest quality and impact

  • We will develop a Presentation Protocol (ideation, production, practice & performance) that works for your team,  your goals and your schedule

  • You will have access for three months after your training is complete to three personalized, rigorous and honest performance feedback sessions, delivered by video

  • You and your team will have a powerful toolkit that will transform every presentation you give from now on 


  • Delivery: Vocal and physical -  I will help you find your team find their stage presence and voice, so people will pay attention

  • Organized Structure: content and staging - so people can follow what you are saying and remember it

  • Audience Engagement: you are creating an insightful and transformational experience, make it worth their time

  • Storytelling: people are hard-wired to listen to and remember stories. We'll tie story and humor into your experiences and connect with your audience

  • Online Setup: your online presentation is not the same as being in the room with your audience. Engaging with your online audience requires a whole new set of tools. Learn to love and standout in the online world

  • Anxiety management: no more sweaty armpits or stumbling over your words. Turn those nerves into excitement! 

Team Workshops

Public Speaking 101

How to structure a presentation and how and what to practice

Simple is Hard

Making your slide deck matter and what to do with all of those bullet points. Let's simplify your content.

The Art & Science of Storytelling

How to tell a story that connects with your audience and inspires action

Create a Commanding Presence

Bring people closer together and leave an impact with online set-up and engagement tools.

Stand, Deliver, Inspire!

Let’s rehearse you and your team for the next big event!

Team happy hour

with Applied Improv

Think of this as your team happy hour where you serve up a brain cocktail of laughter with a little dopamine and oxytocin to help lower the cortisol! 

Let's get started!

ROI Calculator

Poor presentations have a direct impact on your ROI.

Poor presentations can have a major impact on your return on investment.


When your team is not able to effectively communicate your message, it can lead to confusion, misunderstandings, and ultimately, lost sales. Customers are more likely to trust and do business with a company whose representatives can clearly and confidently convey their message.

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