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Transform Those Beliefs

Belief system and how it relates to your confidence to elicit change and to use your voice, I feel, is an important exploration. We can change systems and policies and rules forever but until we change our personal belief system, then it will be difficult to change anything else. And changing a belief system is not an overnight fix. It is a process that demands awareness, patience, and a dedicated and intentional commitment to do the work. I have a dear friend who does DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging) training using interactive theater practices to advocate for social equality, and often, she tells me, there will be a participant who appreciates the dialogue but wants the quick fix solution, not realizing, that the dialogue and what was learned from the interaction IS the solution if we can take the time to really notice our own self-talk and then, with intention, commit to changing it.

Are there systems in place that you can think of where real change won’t happen until the collective belief system has shifted? Is there an example of this in your own life? Was there a transformation that happened for you when you shifted your own belief system? If so, what were some of the steps you took to achieve this? Is there something in your life now that you would like to change? Maybe you want to be on a stage and tell your story but your inner voice keeps telling you that you have terrible stage fright. Instead of continuing to believe this voice, that robs others from hearing your story and you making an impact, let’s find a way to transform this. Here are a few steps you can start with to help transform some of those beliefs:

First, identify the belief(s) that are challenging you. For example, I have terrible stage fright.

Second, does this belief feel old? Can you identify where it came from or what other beliefs are wrapped up in it?

Third, write down the limiting belief and rewrite it as a What-if

For example: What if I didn’t have stage fright? Notice how this feels and pretend for a moment that you are a person who does not experience stage fright. What does that person look like? How do they move through the world? What do they feel? Sit with this for a few minutes and then leave it.

Repeat this process. Make it a daily practice.

When you can clearly identify the belief that is holding you back only then do you have an opportunity to transform it. Remember though, it is a process so please be kind to yourself. You’ve got this!


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