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Are you ready to adapt?

"How do they do it without getting into an accident?" I commented to my husband as we were transported from one part of town to the next in a small green taxi.

"I suppose it’s about decisiveness and trust," he replied as we navigated an intersection that felt like organized chaos.

"It’s like improv!" I exclaimed, the realization striking me just as we arrived at our destination in the center of San Miguel de Allende, MX.

"You have to react in the moment without hesitation, based on what everyone else is doing around you."

Have you ever lived in or visited a place where there are no traffic lights? Or maybe there was a power outage in your hometown, turning most of the main intersections into stages where each driver performs without a script?

If so, did you notice how everyone still managed to reach their destination? In that moment, everyone adapted because they had to. Decisions were made and care was taken; you had to not only focus on the flow of traffic to ensure safe passage across the intersection but also pay attention to other drivers to keep them safe as well. Just like in improv, humans are adept at finding order in chaos—we just need to trust that everyone else is playing their part. And when one person doesn’t, that’s when things can go awry.

Can you think of a time when you were asked to communicate a new idea or service and your usual structures were not in place?

How did it go?

How did you handle it?

What might have you done differently?

If you,

👉Want to be more adaptable as a speaker

👉Be a better listener and communicator

👉Build your confidence

👉Navigate the unknown with ease and grace

👉And build your creative muscle

Then please consider joining the Grundei Coaching community, Confidently Speaking. And if your curiosity is sparked and you want to try it out to see if it as good fit before committing, please reach out here​ and we would be happy to send you a link to check out our next class this Wednesday from 4-5 pm ET, for free.

Confidently Speaking members
Improv Exercise with Confidently Speaking Members

I hope to see you there! ✨


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