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Break through the fear of public speaking and take your career to the next level!

Start creating unforgettable presentations, trainings and meetings that will leave your audience informed and wanting more.


ONE-ON-ONE Coaching

When you hire Grundei Coaching, LLC, you will be a more confident and credible speaker who will inspire and educate any audience.

Grundei Coaching, LLC currently offers one-on-one coaching sessions through the following programs:

Commitments & Offerings

Own Your Voice

(2-month program)

Up to 4 sessions a month -OR- 4 hours a month

  • Transform your vocal and physical presence: You will work with Meridith one-on-one for up to 1 hour a week and will receive a series of exercises to build your vocal strength and your physical presence.

  • Confidently tell your story: You will tell a story that connects with your message and your audience using a 10-minute presentation structure. You will be provided with exercises that will help you find your story so you can effectively educate your audience and inspire action.

  • Breathe easier: You will be given strategies and exercises for managing nerves and anxiety. Meridith will lead you through these exercises and strategies so you can integrate them into your daily routine. She will ask you to do these for up to 15 minutes every day.

  • Prepare like a pro: You will have guidance and strategy for how to prepare and practice for your 10-minute presentation structure, including slides and other media, so you can be a more efficient, effective, and engaging speaker.

  • Join a group: You will have access to Meridith's online resources and to her group coaching community called, Confidently Speaking. which is hosted on Mighty Networks. This is where you can practice your presentations and work in a group setting to build skills in presence, adaptability, and communication confidence. This is not mandatory but Confidently Speaking is where you can put your new skills to practice and have a blast while doing it!

  • Take up space: You will receive all of the same value as offered in Own Your Voice over a longer, more in-depth period of time with an emphasis on really owning your message in a more performative yet authentic way. Through practice, thoughtful direction, and a high level of understanding of what presence means, you will have the charisma and poise needed to win over your toughest critic.

  • Leveling up: If you are looking to start delivering more keynote presentations, are moving up into a leadership position, or need to start speaking more for credibility because you know it will grow your business, then this program is for you.

Own Your Story

(3-month program)

Up to 4 sessions a month -OR- 4 hours a month

No matter where you are on your speaking journey, Own Your Story will transform your vocal and physical presence online, in the conference room, and onstage.

who should sign up?

Anyone who is a risk taker and change maker but feels anxious, not motivated or overwhelmed by creating an upcoming presentation, meeting or training into an experience! 


Let's talk about logistics!


Tell me more about the program:

I have an upcoming presentation but I don't have a lot of time. I need some help NOW! 

what people say

Meridith Grundei is a wise coach and great person!


I used her coaching services for job interview preparation. She has the rare skill of giving direct, constructive feedback with empathy. She knows her stuff! 

Data Analyst, Facebook

Meridith uses various tools and techniques which are not only effective but very engaging and fun, and reduces psychological barriers and fear of video presentation.

I learned so much in such a short time how to show up in front of a camera and how to use my voice to connect with my audience, and how to tell the stories compellingly.

Executive and Leadership Coach

Working with Meridith has been a wonderful experience. I believe that even very experienced presenters would benefit in her expertise.


She knocked the rust off on how I was presenting, and her guidance assisted me in connecting better with my audience, helping me bring new life into my presentations.


Meridith has a keen eye in what content truly should be in the presentation and how you should be presenting that content.

Strategic Advisor

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