master your

public speaking & presentation skills!

This six-week course is designed for emerging leaders who want to clearly convey their message so they can help others, their organization and themselves

Six Week Course

Each class is 90mins | 5 students max

I am offering 2 class times
Please only sign up for one class based on your availability. 

Class ONE 

Tuesday, January 5th - February 9th | 4pm - 5:30pm EST


Class TWO 

Thursdays, January 7th - February 11th | 10:30am -12pm EST

cost: $699 earlybird before Dec. 23  | $899 after Dec. 23rd

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wait! tell me more...

In this course you will:

  • Be with a small group of 5 people (maximum) so you can receive more 1:1 attention, peer-to-peer feedback and a built in audience to practice in front of. 

  • Learn tools and techniques to help you develop compelling stories that will engage your audience and connect to your content.

  • Learn how to craft your presentation so the content is easier to remember for both you and your audience. You will also learn how to tie your story into your presentation topic.

  • Learn new tools and techniques for how to simplify your slides and how to mentally and physically prepare yourself so your audience leaves inspired and taking action.

  • Receive handouts that will further provide you with tools to help with your individual growth.

  • Receive an interactive course recording so you can get to the content I discussed quickly and without having to look through a 90 min zoom recording to find it.


You will be more confident engaging with your audience

You will learn new ways to incorporate emotion and vulnerability into your presentations

You will learn how to simplify your content so the listener can really hear your presentation

You will learn tools to help manage anxiety

You will learn how to create a compelling story that is in alignment with your core values and your presentation

You will learn new ways to engage your audience both online and in person

Additional perks:

You will meet 4 new courageous leaders

You will be able to practice your upcoming presentation or refine an ongoing presentation. 

You might just surprise yourself with how awesome you are!

are you excited to get started and grow your credibility by becoming a better presenter?

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