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public speaking coach and change maker.

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Harness the power of public speaking and storytelling to inspire CHANGE.

Meridith speaking

Meridith is on a mission to level up your career by making you an effective, compelling, and engaging speaker who can connect with any audience.

She equips her clients with the same skills used by professional actors and comedians to bring your presentations, trainings and meetings to life.

Grundei Coaching has helped thousands of individuals and corporations craft engaging presentations and authentic stories

to achieve career growth and success.

Select clients include


Nicole North

Meridith is a speaker, not to be missed.

She is powerful, articulate, and entertaining in her delivery. Her messaging is both clear and captivating, using superior storytelling to anchor her messaging. Her voice is mesmerizing and I highly recommend her for speaking engagements, keynote addresses, and more! 

—Nicole North

   Leadership Facilitator & Coach, Whiteboard Consulting

Nicole North
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Nicole North
Meridith Grundei

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Make change with Meridith!

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