You have a high stakes presentation to give and you feel overwhelmed and not as confident as you would like to...

With me as your speaker coach, you will feel confident and fearless so you can make a valuable impact with your next presentation. We'll inspire action by clearly articulating your story and the value of your message. 

From the moment of your first connection with them, you will be leading your audience through a highly interactive, emotionally engaging experience that will build trust, curiosity and motivation to act immediately. 

I will help you craft that experience from start to finish!

your success is a process

  • We start where you are and clarify your vision for where you want to be as a presenter

  • Together, we will customize and curate your content ensuring its highest quality and impact

  • We will develop a plan (ideation, production, practice & performance) that works for you, your goals and your schedule

  • You will receive a personalized, rigorous and honest performance evaluation before you deliver your final presentation

  • You will have a powerful toolkit that will transform this presentation and every presentation you give from now on

what you will achieve with me

  • Delivery: Vocal and physical -  I will help you find your stage presence and voice, so people will pay attention

  • Organized Structure: content and staging - so people can follow what you are saying and remember it

  • Audience Engagement: you are creating an insightful and transformational experience, make it worth their time

  • Storytelling: people are hard-wired to listen to and remember stories. We'll tie story and humor into your experiences and connect with your audience

  • Online Setup: your online presentation is not the same as being in the room with your audience. Engaging with your online audience requires a whole new set of tools. Learn to love and standout in the online world

  • Anxiety management: no more sweaty armpits or stumbling over your words. Turn those nerves into excitement! 


commitments & offerings

  • The Risk Taker: we spend a concentrated amount of time where we develop a self-directed strategy with resources and follow-up. ½  Day intensive 

  • The Go Getter:  Outcome oriented individual coaching. You are motivated to get in front of an audience or have the desire to be more consistent with your messaging.  You want to go from good to great and look forward to finding new out-of-the-box ideas.  

         This commitment is up to 4 hours a month with resources, email correspondence and feedback.  Choose from 3/6/12 months 

  • The Change Maker: This is a high level coaching experience where we not only source out your content to our in-house designers and copy curators, so you can be more efficient with your time, but you will also get up to 4 hours a month of exclusive 1:1 coaching focusing on all of the areas where you need to level up. Including: trainings, on-camera delivery, meetings and presentations.  Choose from 3/6/12 months 

who should sign up?

Anyone who is a risk taker and change maker but feels anxious, not motivated or overwhelmed by creating an upcoming presentation, meeting or training into an experience! 


I will send you a pre-vision questionnaire just prior to our first meeting so that I can provide you a valuable experience right from the start!

what people say


Data Analyst, Facebook

Meridith Grundei is a wise coach and great person! I used her coaching services for job interview preparation. She has the rare skill of giving direct, constructive feedback with empathy. She knows her stuff! 


 Coach, Ruffin Associates

Meridith Grundei is Superwoman in a deceptively petite form. She does it all, or at least more than anyone else I know.  I can't say enough about the quality and sensitivity (!) of her guidance and the many tools she brought to my experience.


Director of Policy & Emerging Markets,  Recurve

I highly recommend working with Meridith to expand and enhance your public speaking skill - even if you feel like you’re pretty good - take a chance to grow! She helped me infuse my personal story which made my message more relatable. She also helped with the mechanics - breathing, flow, presence of body.