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your weekly IMPROV workout so you can 

be a more confident speaker

work on your public speaking and presentation skills every wednesday at 4pm to 5pm eastern time.

CS members

Did you know...

"According to a 2020 study published in the journal Thinking Skills and Creativity, researchers found that doing just 20 minutes of improv a day can increase creativity, decrease social anxiety and increase our ability to tolerate uncertainty."

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If you are a small business owner or want to communicate better at work, then Confidently Speaking is for you. 

Own the Camera

Give better presentations

Own the stage

Be seen and get heard!

Start booking podcasts

Join this community of professionals who are also dedicated to their development while having fun!

This is your opportunity to commit to the process and to see the results with group coaching!

Why Confidently Speaking?

Your Weekly Opportunity

this is your weekly opportunity to commit to the process and see the results with group coaching.

every Wednesday | 4 - 5 pm ET | on Zoom

A safe and supportive community

hosted on Mighty Networks.

it as a safe and supportive community, picking up where toastmasters left off.

Elevate your unique voice each week with improv to best support you and your growth, so you can quickly adapt and feel comfortable in front of any audience.

Improve your public speaking and presentation skills

confidently speaking improves your public speaking and presentation skills in a powerhouse community of professionals dedicated to their development.


👉 you are tired of letting fear get in your way of speaking in public!

👉 you go blank during presentations and have no idea how to bounce back

👉 you play it safe and have a fear of going against conventional wisdom

👉 you're tired of Gary in sales interrupting you in every meeting

👉 you want to tell better stories and give a toast at Aunt Betty's 3rd wedding

👉 you're tired of using filler words and not being heard in the front row


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Start getting your voice out there and attract new customers who will greatly benefit from you and your gifts.

📣 Be a more confident communicator for only $2 a day 
(New members are only accepted 4 times a year. )

Membership only $59.99 per month -OR- $599.99 per year

Are you ready to get comfortably uncomfortable?

I’m Meridith and I am on a mission to level up your career by making you an effective, compelling, and engaging speaker who can connect with any audience.

I specialize in presentation and public speaking consultation, individual training and development, and creative team solutions using improvisational theatre techniques to build trust, empathy, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Select customers (though I love them all!) include:

Meridith 2022-2023 brand headshot

I joined Meridith Grundei's Confidently Speaking group to practice my speaking skills. Because Meridith is such a fantastic speaking coach, I also took a series of private coaching lessons. Meridith's coaching techniques have helped me grow tremendously as a speaker, and as a person.


She helped me dig deep to find my story, and is passionate, knowledgeable, compassionate, has a way to pull the best out of her students, and me.

—Tina L.
Co-Founder and Owner, The Folson Group

I highly recommend Meridith to anyone who would like to be a more effective communicator with confidence.


She helped me to improve my video presentation and facilitation skills. Thanks to her support, I've become more confident in facilitating a group of people.


I learned so much in such a short time how to show up in front of a camera and how to use my voice to connect with my audience, and how to tell the stories compellingly.

—Shoko M.
Executive & Leadership Coach

I've been participating in Meridith's online coaching program! I've found her guidance to be incredibly valuable to help me become more natural and spontaneous with my speaking on video.


The community she has created was become a highlight of my week, many authentic, kind people all learning together! Thank you Meridith!

—Karen V.

Leadership & Development Coach

Confidently Speaking

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