Let's start creating presentations that connect and inspire.


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how I work

I equip my clients with the same skills used by professional actors and comedians to bring your presentations, trainings and meetings to life.


We start by getting to the root of who you are, identifying your core values to craft engaging presentations and stories that serve your rich, authentic self. You’ll stroll away with tools designed to connect, engage, and build trust with your team, your clients, and your organization. 

Sound good? Let’s set up a 30 minute Zoom so I can learn more about you.

meridith grundei headshot.jpg

Get to know your coach

I am Meridith Grundei, a public speaking coach and change maker.

As an award-winning theatre director, producer, and former Second City improv teacher, I recognized the similarities between performing for audiences on stage every night and presenting to clients/colleagues every day, but the latter didn’t have the right tools to bring their stories to life.

So I decided to do something about it.

I specialize in presentation and public speaking consultation, individual training and development, and creative team solutions using improvisational theatre techniques to build trust, empathy, and out-of-the-box thinking.


11 Years and some change later, Grundei Coaching has helped thousands of individuals and corporations craft engaging presentations and authentic stories to achieve career growth and success.


I’d love for you to be next!​​